A wild world

The orc clans want blood! But today is the break. Then I’ll offer you something. It’s a map. We orcs are great cartographers. Really1.

Spellcaster University’s strange and wonderful world map

So, you must be wondering: “Why does this green orc, powerful and noble, but slightly frightening offer me such a beautiful gift?” That’s normal. If I offer this map to you, it’s to help you to install your magic school in a hidden place, far from our common enemy, aka the Enemy, the Lord of Darkness, the Demonist, the One who must bring back the balance, the Black Lord, the Child’s slayer, the One who steals the pieces-in-the-cup-of-the-beggars2 or the Lord of Evil.
In short, there are many nice places: swamps for example, in the middle of a lake…. Or better yet, on the back of a giant turtle. In the end, some say that it will depend on the result of crowdfunding… forked tongues in my opinion.

carte des gens qui nous aiment pas
The lake surroundings3

And this is another card. The great lake area, if you ever set up your school there. There’s a lot of people around who like you or who don’t. Depends. We’re on top. Come by and say hello sometime!

1. In fact, to be honest, orc talents are completely dependent on our blog needs.
2. Far too mean...
3. The names of the school is a placeholder. But if you are good in foreign tongues you can guess the nationality of the developers! Awesome, isn't it?

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