Give me the A38 form…

Good morning. I’m sent by the Rector’s Office to give you a little briefing on bureaucracy and regulations related to magic schools. In particular, I would like to talk to you about the B22 form, needed to create a new class.

Classe Creation
An example of how to use Form B22.

As you can see, this form allows you to define a coat of arms and a name for your class, define teaching priorities (Alchemy, Shadow, Light, etc…), and student dress. You can also define two traits that will be shared by all the students in the class1. Well chosen, these traits will be decisive. Each form has its own set of random traits: each class will be unique2.

Classe Creation2
Another example of using Form B22. This new class will be perfect for learning Light magic !
Capture classes
All your classes and the students in them.

Ah! It’s time I go. Too bad, I could have presented you with form A38 which is used to apply for large grants from the Rector’s Office.

1. Some kind of magic... i guess.
2. Some kind of magic too... Magic is so convenient.

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