Some kind of… mandrake? Mandrork maybe?

“What… what the hell is that thing? Is that another one of their magic junk from the weird people’s school? It’s not beautiful. I’m not sure, but I think I’m gonna go warn the boys and we’re gonna burn this devil’s school down before anything like this gets out.”


“Seriously? There are more. These plants are all weird. I don’t like them at all. They’ll make the cows’ milk turn again. I’m telling you it’s evil witchcraft!”

Scholar’s hand-eating flower


Let’s forget our friend the peasant, and let’s look at what these “things” really are. In Spellcaster University, the challenge is to optimize his magic school to train the best future magicians. This involves managing the basic needs of students and teachers, having an intelligent recruitment of staff, well designed school regulations, and a well equipped and organized building. In this school, one can of course install rooms (classrooms, refectory, dormitory…), but also artefacts at various key points to modify the functioning of the rooms, like the strange plants in these illustrations. The mandragorc and the parkofite mushroom, for instance, produces magical components, while the scholar’s hand-eating flower stimulates students and hurts them from time to time!

Parkofite mushroom

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