No one was expecting us…

“Greetings. It’s my turn to speak with you. I am the representative of the most holy inquisition, and my role is to make sure that all these schools of magic remain far from any heresy: black magic, necromancy, demonology… the Light knows what else. Lately, I’ve been interested in a little magic school… 1


“In Spellcaster University, the player must build a magic school by assembling different rooms to optimize its operation. He can build classrooms, canteens, dormitories, dolmens for the druids, a chapel to learn sacred magic (that’s good), a crypt to learn necromancy (that’s bad)… It can also improve them with different artifacts or different creatures. For a cumulative total of over a hundred rooms and artifacts.”


“I finished my inspection in the arcane classroom (a magic that seems to me not far from heresy) and in the library (I don’t like that, as a matter of principle). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any forbidden works. Next time, I’m sure. “

salle arcane


1. The lead designer tells me that this is a work in progress version. The lights will be prettier, the textures will be finer... in short, it's still under construction!

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