Gameplay in a nutshell

“Okay. It’s all very well what Postumus said, but the reader still doesn’t know what the game is about, how it’s played, etc… Magi are so useless… But I didn’t introduce myself: I’m Grishnork, warlord of the orcs.”

“In a game, theme and universe are very important. But so are the game mechanics too. Orcs really like that, game mechanics. At Sneaky Yak Studio, they said to themselves: ”

– Yeah, management games are cool, but often each game session looks a little bit alike. We have more or less the same choices at each game session.

– You’re rude. That’s not always true, there are lots of great management games without this problem! 1

– Yes, yes… but I’m sure we can find an original approach to this problem.

visuel Cartes

“Well. And so they put cards in the game. Yeah, cards. Yes, it seemed silly to me too at first. But it’s actually not so much 2. To build his magic university, the player plays cards: it creates classrooms, artifacts, staff… and he retains some control over the cards he receives. But we’ll talk about that later. I have a planned attack on a magic university in 10 minutes. Oh yeah, we’ll have to talk about that too…”

1. Don't make enemies in the video game world: check.
2. Actually it is a little.

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