Something begins…

“I am the Archimagus Postumus, or at least what’s left of it… there was a time when I ran the first great spellcasters university in our world! But the centuries have passed, and the ancient knowledge of magic has disappeared. That’s why I need you today! Yes, you, young man (or young woman, I can’t see very well because I’m old1)! We need to rebuild a university of spellcasters, and you would, with the help of my wise counsel. The fate of the world depends on it…”



What the wise Archimagus Postumus does not tell you, surely out of modesty, is that he will appear in an independent mega-production2 : Spellcaster University, a management and development game of a magic university that happily references the fantasy and role-playing worlds that are dear to us.

1. And because I have no eyes anymore.
2. Here we talk about small mega-production. We should be talking about average-production. Or even small-production made with love. That's more reasonable.


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